What We Do

Cut through the Clutter!

With so many brands of product available today, customers are inundated with a plethora of choices on-shelf. It is our job to develop creative solutions that move your brand(s) into the hands of more customers, more often and that means breaking through all the visual clutter at retail.  

Tell the Story

A long-term display is one that has symmetry with your ad campaign and tells the story of your brand on and off-shelf effectively.  We know how important it is to maintain a consistent message for consumers - what you tell them through other advertising mediums must deliver the same promise and message in-store.  In an effort to achieve this consistency, we work with your ad agency to implement the messaging and images you have developed for your brand. - We even deliver ways to change out that message with new campaigns, cost-effectively!

Sticks n' Stones

A well-engineered display is one that stands up to the beating at retail.  Whether your display be corrugate or metal, we want your display to have a long life at retail!  This means our engineers have to put their thinking caps on every time and calculate how to make a durable display that will take a great beating and still look great months from execution.


We work in all materials and processes so that we can focus on your solutions.  Delivering your solution is what is important to us - not keeping a shop running.  This is why we keep a lean structure so that we can source the best material for the best process/method available for your project.  
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Permanent Displays
Crest Permanent Display
Maytag Permanent Display

Maytag was looking for a concept that would allow them to display their water filtration system as a high end solution inside dealers’ stores. ARG wanted to ignite the consumers senses and in addition to beautiful, backlit graphics, added polar motion behind the waterfall picture itself to make it appear as if actually falling. There was also an audio chip installed to provide the sound of water falling. This 6’ display was manufactured and shipped direct to 250 dealers across Canada.

NHL Permanent Display

Our client asked us to create a budget-friendly concept that would display their new launch of Limited Time Only collectible hockey sticks. We engineered this design to be simple and lightweight for shipping by having the top removable and allowing it to flip upside down and nest inside the bottom of the unit. This ensured no damages in shipping to the product or display. 1450 units were manufactured and ultimately, due to the success of the launch, we reran the job.

Vintage Flooring Display
burt's bees
Vintage Flooring Series
Kobo Display
vintage flooring
Sony Display
Sony Display
Burt's Bees Display
Cuisinart Permanent Display
Stella Permanent Display
Burts Bees Permanent Display
Campbells Permanent Display
Campbells Permanent Display
Craven A Permanent Display
Canadian Classic Permanent Display
Kraft Crystal Light Permanent Display
Dare Permanent Display
Toblerone Permanent Display
Gift Card Mall Display
Head Permanent Display
Inniskilin Permanent Display
Aimn Flame Display
Burts Bees Permanent Display
Kappa Permanent Display
Brady Permanent Display
Kinder Permanent Display
Kraft Permanent Display
Labatt Permanent Display
Levolor Permanent Display
Listerine Permanent Display
Mcdonalds Permanent Display
Alfred Sung Permanent Display
Rogaine Permanent Display
Rowntree Permanent Display
Tilley Floor Permanent Display
Toblerone Permanent Display
Waring Pro Permanent Display
Women's Health Permanent Display