The Process

Developing successful Retail Solutions demands clear communication and teamwork. Every member of your project team at ARG works hand-in-hand with each other to ensure every detail is addressed and no stone is left unturned.


The process starts with our “Think Tank” – our Design team – and moves through to Delivery.

ARG designers know the art of creating eye-catching retail solutions that are sure to draw immediate attention to your product. In order to maximize your sales, it’s important that your products are showcased both attractively and effectively. At Access Retail Group, we know exactly how to achieve this balance. We design based on your creative brief or you can simply tell us what your challenges are and we’ll develop the solution from there.

We first start with sketches, flushing out the ideas and making sure they meet all criteria – whether a display or online driven concept. From there, we move into colour-computer renderings for your review. Once we have finalized the chosen concept with your input, we move to engineering.



When it comes to merchandising displays, our Engineers create only the best. They work closely with the designers in the development of concepts, guiding their ideas in a direction that will allow the concepts to be cost-effectively produced yet durable enough to withstand the beating displays can take at retail. SolidWorks and AutoCad are where we work out the final, measured details.



With solid engineering drawings for your display or complete story boards for your online program, whatever the solution may be, our estimating team (and often the engineering team themselves) goes to work sourcing the best prices on raw materials, supplies and processes so we can make your POP displays. We have tough negotiators on our team and this savings is ultimately turned over to you, our client.



If your solution is a display, we don’t expect you to interpret our drawings into a 3-dimensional vision – that’s our job! While we appreciate you relying on our expertise, we DO want you to be able to touch and feel a sample of what your roll-out would produce! Building one unit often reveals details that could never be seen on paper – and perhaps you want to make last minute changes! A prototype allows us to make those refinements and give you a solid level of confidence in your investment. And as for the online program? – We’re going to test it together before going live because once it’s out there, its viral nature moves quickly.



Whatever type of display or solution you may require, Access Retail Group is equipped with awesome Production and Project Management teams – a winning combination. Our teams oversee the production of your program through to finished product and follow through even after launch to ensure you are happy with the success of your investment.



ARG ensures timely and cost-effective delivery, regardless of how big your project is or how complicated the delivery requirement may be.An integral part of our turn-key retail solution is the delivery process. All deliveries are prepared and shipped out under complete security. In order to ensure a smooth operation, the project management team assesses your delivery needs and puts together the most effective plan possible to fulfill them. If required, we also offer a complete warehousing service North America-wide with secure space available.

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